Take control

Dynamic dogfights among skyscrappers. Futuristic vision of life enclosed under gigantic domes that Martian colony consist of. Take control of jet fighter and as a pilot of special police force chase bandits, protect convoys and supress riots.

Practice your flying skills and use wide range of weaponry. Unveil shadowy conspiracy and explore new places.

Ambitious project

Konrad Kowalski is creator, programmer and (so far) graphic designer of this game. He also created custom AI system that allows vehicles to navigate trough city and plan attacks. Music is composed by Mariusz Krawczyk.

Poznan University of Technology and Dariusz Przybyl from Business Inkubator of IT Department provides us great help keeping this project on tracks.

Target platforms of this game are Android and iOS devices. Game supports VR gogles like Google Cardboard, allowing for deeper experience.


Minimum requirements: Android device with Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 CPU

You have to let your device install apps from untrusted sources (search in settings). You also need file browser app on your device to start installation. In future it will not be necessary as this game will be downloadable from Google Play.

If you want to play with Google Cardboard, steer with your head like you were using accelerometer. Work in progress, menu is not adjusted to 3D, you have to use it as is.